• Welcome to the Second Grade!

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    Dear Parents/Guardians:             


    Hello boys and girls - I am your second grade teacher, Mrs. Santora. I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome both the new students as well as the former students to an exciting year of learning. I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  I would like you to be aware of the following class/school procedures.

    School Hours - School begins at 8:00 a.m. and dismissal is at 2:10 p.m. Your child must go directly to the playroom for morning arrival and dismissal is at the schoolyard door at the 82nd street side. 

    Absences - Good attendance is key for a successful academic school year. However, if your child becomes sick, please send in an absent note upon his/her return to school. If you know your child will be missing school for an extended period of time, I would appreciate advanced notice in order to prepare your child for time away from our classroom. 

    Classroom Phone List - A phone list for this year’s class will be created in order to have a “buddy system” for homework, assignments and family connections. Please be sure to return your phone number release form to school with your child as soon as possible.

    Homework - Pursuant to school policy, homework will be assigned daily. Daily homework usually consists of math, reading/writing, and word study. Our school independent reading log (also known as I.R.) must be signed by a parent or supervising adult nightly. Please be advised that your child should be reading at least 15 minutes per night. This required length of time will increase over the year. This daily reading will improve vocabulary recognition and enhance your child’s test-taking skills for state exams. The blue P.S. 204 Assignment Book must be checked daily and SIGNED daily by a parent/guardian. This will help us maintain a good line of communication. All written work is completed in #2 pencils unless otherwise stated for a specific assignment. Students who do not complete classroom assignments will have it as an additional homework assignment for that evening. For any incomplete homework assignment, there is a one day grace period allowed to complete the assignment. When students choose to let homework pile up, then it becomes too hectic to complete in one night. Please see to it that this does not become a habit for any of your children. 

    Tests – Tests will be administered on a regular basis in all subject areas. Reading comprehension assessments will be conducted upon each completion of a unit, usually about a week or two after the start of a unit. Your child will be given ample notice of an upcoming test and a thorough review will be done in class. Please encourage your child to prepare for each test at home on a weekly basis, simply by rereading notes or weekly work. Procrastinating when studying for a test, only creates anxiety. Parents must sign and return each test the following day.

    Lunch/Snacks - Our lunch period is at 10:30 a.m. Therefore, I will allow for an afternoon snack time. Due to our program this year, it will be a working snack time.  Please provide your child with a daily snack. That snack should consist of healthy food. Water or a juice box is fine. Crackers, fruit, or drinkable yogurt is fine - no chips, no gum, no candy and no FISH and no NUTS for snack time, please! Also be aware that we have children in class with peanut allergies. Thank you for your understanding of our classroom environment.

    School Supplies - Handling books, folders, and supplies with care is expected.  Pencils should be sharpened nightly (at home). Also please make sure you check often to see what supplies your child might need to replace throughout the year.

    Birthdays - If you wish to have your child celebrate a class birthday, kindly send in a note with a date you have in mind. Please do not send in cake or drinks to be poured from large bottles. Individual drink boxes, munchkins or mini cupcakes are allowed. All food must be store bought. Treat bags and personal birthday invitations cannot be distributed in school, as per our school handbook. We have severe peanut allergies in the classroom, so please keep that in mind when sending in treats.

    Class Trips – When a class trip is scheduled, you will receive a permission slip to sign and return. If there is a fee for the trip, only cash will be accepted. Two or three class chaperones will be needed for each trip, so if you are able to assist please let me know.

    Class Mother(s) – If you are interested in being class mom(s), please send in a note with your child.

    Book Orders - Monthly book orders will be made to Scholastic book clubs. Please submit only a personal check or money order for your child’s order - cash will not be accepted. You will find a class code sticker on the inside cover of your child's blue assignment pad, to use for online orders, if you prefer to order on your own.

    Safety - If on any occasion you will not be able to pick up your child from school, please inform me with a note stating the authorized person that will be taking your child home. Emergency family or friends you wish to pick up your child when you are unable to must be listed on all Blue Cards. Blue cards can be updated throughout the year!

    Questions/Concerns - Please feel free to send in a note with regard to scheduling a time to speak or meet with me. I prefer not to speak at dismissal - I am sure you will agree that your child’s school business is personal and private and need not be discussed in that fashion. Please note that Tuesday afternoons are allotted for parent-engagement starting at 2:20. Do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

    Please try to refer to these classroom policies regularly. I hope we have a productive and rewarding second grade year. Parents, it is in your child’s best interest that we work together with regard to his/her education. I will thus keep you informed about your child’s progress in my class. Kindly check your child’s school bag nightly for any tests to be signed, notes for home and important papers from the principal.


                                                                                        Thank you in advance for your support,

                                                                                                                    Mrs. Liana Santora




    Kindly sign and detach this portion.



     I have read and reviewed the introductory letter with my child. We understand all school and classroom procedures and policies.



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