• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    On September 15, 2016


    Team Members in Attendance

    Nancy Tomasuolo, Principal                           Jessica Michaelidis, Assistant Principal         

    Trisha Arnold, UFT                                        Janine Speziale, Teacher                    

    Annmarie Giuffre, Teacher                            Dominique D’Onofrio, PTA President                      

    Lillian Shek, Parent                                       Teri Faicco, Parent

    Victoria Carruque, Parent                              Daniella Camilleri, Parent

    Michele Ngai, Parent


    SLT Bylaws, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · Review of SLT Bylaws

    · Went over last year’s amendment – added school’s mission statement and midyear benchmark in February to review the CEP

    · Copies of bylaws distributed to members to read at home and to come to next meeting with any questions or anything you would like to         add/change

    · Jessica Michaelidis will be Chairperson for this year


    PS 204 Status Report, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · Currently 1189 students, and counting

    · 50 classes, Pre-K:2, K-9, 1-5:8, exception grade 4 – 7

    · 17 Cluster and AIS teachers, 3 ESL, 4 Speech, 2 OT, 1 PT, 1 APE

    · Added bilingual Chinese class (Kindergarten)

    · 13 new teachers this year


    NYS Assessment Scores, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · ELA increased 4.2% (increase of 2.5% from last year)

    · Math decreased 0.6% (decrease of 2.8% from last year)

    o   A citywide decrease in math

    o   Will become our school’s inquiry focus

    · PS 204 above district average in ELA and Math, and well above city average


    CEP, Jessica Michaelidis

    · A tool to facilitate school’s purpose

    · Assess our needs, set goals, and measure goals

    · Corresponds with the Framework for Great Schools – 6 Keys to follow

    · Goals

    o   Small group/differentiated instruction in ELA and Math, suited to individual and group needs

    o   Providing explicit instruction with modeling

    o   Strong family and community ties

    o   Focus on math

    o   Increase in social and emotional growth (Chancellor’s focus)

    o   Focus on inquiry and ELLS – will have ongoing PD for teachers


    Library Update, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · Mural is complete

    · Delay on the furniture – wrong size was sent

    o   Should be here by October

    · Mrs. Prezioso has been organizing the library

    · Planning a ceremony once it is complete

    o   After SLT vote it was determined that the library will be dedicated to Joseph Parrelli


    Outdoor Signage, Nancy Tomasuolo, Dominique D’Onofrio

    · Continuing contact with DOE and Stewart Signs for changes, approvals, requests

    · Should be ready soon and approved by DOE and its many requirements


    Important Dates, Nancy Tomasuolo

    9/19: Lillian Shek giving Lunch & Learn on website             9/20: PTA Breakfast 

                                                                                                              Going Gold

    9/22: Meet the Staff at 4:30                                                    10/3 & 10/4: School Closed

    10/6: Principal Cohort Visit                                                    10/8: Columbus Day Parade

    10/10: No School                                                                    10/12: No School

    10/18 & 10/19: Picture Day                                                    10/20: AP Cohort Visit

    10/25: Chancellor’s visit – Town Hall Meeting at night        10/31: Halloween March of Dimes Parade K-3; Dance 4-5



    · Trisha Arnold suggested most spirit days for the staff and school (ex. Dressing like the 50s, on the 50th day of school)

    o   Approved

    · Fundraiser for different causes

    · Mrs. Tomasuolo suggested it would be run by the SO

    o   Would need to get an account