• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    On November 17, 2016




    Members of School Leadership Team approved minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting on October 13, 2016



    Team Members in Attendance

    Nancy Tomasuolo, Principal                           Michele Bennett, Assistant Principal

    Maria Leibowitz, Assistant Principal               Trisha Arnold, UFT

    Annmarie Giuffre, Teacher                            Dominique D’Onofrio, PTA President

    Teri Faicco, Parent                                        Lillian Shek, Parent

    Daniela Camilleri, Parent                              Michelle, Ngai, Parent

    Victoria Carrique, Parent


    CEP Revisions, Maria Leibowitz

    ·         Revisions were made in the following sections:  Section 2, Section 4, Section 5A, Section 5B, Section 5C, Section 5D, Section 5E, Section 7, Section 8 and Section 9

    ·         Language used in these areas was made more specific and concise

    ·         Finalized on 10/28/16


    School Quality Snapshot 2015-2016, Michele Bennett

    ·         2015-2016 School Quality Snapshot was made public

    ·         PS 204 scored Excellent in most areas and Good in one area

    ·         PS 204 shows growth and staff continues to analyze data to keep improving

    ·         2015-2016 School Quality Snapshot can be viewed on PS 204 website


    Title I Eligibility, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Title I funding was approved for 2017-2018 school year

    ·         SLT members discussed the importance of submitting lunch forms


    New Policy For SLT Members, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Reviewed New Policy for SLT Members

    School Improvement Projects, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Library

    o   Waiting for more furniture to be delivered

    o   Color of library drapes – voted by SLT

    o   New books were ordered

    o   Plaque with etched photo of Joseph Parrelli will be in the library

    o   Joseph Parrelli dedication plaque outside the library – voted by SLT

    o   PTA will be voting on paying for half the cost of the library mural instead of contributing towards auditorium upgrade


    ·         Auditorium

    o   Work in progress


    ·         Outdoor Signage

    o   Image of bee on signage – voted by SLT

    Important Dates, Nancy Tomasuolo


    11/23:          School Spirit Day – Fall colors

    11/29:          School Spirit Day – 50’s theme (fiftieth day of school) all proceeds go to Alzheimer’s Association

    12/8:            Report Cards distributed

    12/13:          Ballroom Dancing Assembly

    12/19:          Breakfast with the Principal letter to be distributed

    12/21:          Holiday Sing-A-Long and PTA meeting

    12/22:          Gift Sharing and PJ’s for PJ event

    12/26 – 1/2: Winter Recess