• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    On December 15, 2016



    Members of School Leadership Team approved minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting held on November 17, 2016


    Team Members in Attendance

    Nancy Tomasuolo, Principal                        Jessica Michaelidis Assistant Principal

    Maria Leibowitz, Assistant Principal         Trisha Arnold, UFT

    Annmarie Giuffre, Teacher                            Teri Faicco, Parent

    Daniela Camilleri, Parent                               Lillian Shek, Parent                          

    Victoria Carrique, Parent


    School Safety Issues, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·              Sign in policy is being enforced

    ·               Anyone walking into the building must sign in at security desk

    ·              GRP Drills

    o   As of 12/21 six evacuation drills and two soft lock down drills have been completed

    o   Two additional evacuation drills and two additional soft lock down drills will be completed before June, 2017

    ·              Double Parking in front of school is still an issue  - Correspondence will be sent home reminding parents the double parking or parking in front of school is not permitted


    Parent Workshops – 2016-2017, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·              Every teacher in the building will be presenting two workshops before June

    ·              Attendance is low, SLT members discussed ways to improve attendance


    Book Fair, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·              Book Fair will be held on 2/2 and 2/3

    ·              SLT members spoke of ways to improve book fair

    ·              Larger variety of $1-$2 books


    Upcoming School-Wide Events, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         12/21             Sing-a-long

    ·         12/22             Gift Sharing and PJ’s for PJ event

    ·         1/5                  Principal Cohort

    ·         1/9-2/13        Inside Broadway

    ·         1/12               Winter Concert (morning and evening performances)

    ·         2/15               Inside Broadway Performance


    ·         Trisha Arnold – The S.O. School Spirit Dress Down - 50’s theme was a success  - funds were donated to The Alzheimer’s Association

    ·         Next S.O. fundraiser will be School Spirit Dress Down – 80’s theme