• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    February 16, 2017




    Members of School Leadership Team approved minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting held on January 19, 2017



    Team Members in Attendance

    Nancy Tomasuolo, Principal                          Michele Bennett, Assistant Principal

    Maria Leibowitz, Assistant Principal              Trisha Arnold, UFT

    Annmarie Giuffre, Teacher                           Teri Faicco, Parent

    Daniela Camilleri, Parent                             Lillian Shek, Parent     



    CEP Mid-Year Benchmark/Data Analysis, Maria Leibowitz

    · All five goals are being met and are on target for the end of the year  


    Book Fair Update, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · Book Fair to be held on 3/16 and 3/17

    · 2/27 Book Fair Committee meeting will be held to finalize specifics of the book fair


    District 20 Title I Part 2 Professional Development Training, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · Will be held on March 14, 2017 at PS 204 from 8:45am – 10:45am


    School Leadership Team Meetings and The Open Meeting Law, Nancy Tomasuolo

    · SLT members worked on revisions to School Leadership Team Bylaws

    · SLT members unanimously voted on new Co-Chairs of the School Leadership Team:  Michelle Bennett and Annmarie Giuffre will replace Nancy Tomasuolo  


    Important Dates, Nancy Tomasuolo


    · 3/2: PTA Annual Auction

    · 3/8: Report Cards - distributed

    · 3/9: Parent Teacher Conferences – half day & Third Grade Recorder Concert

    · 3/16-3/17: Book Fair

    · 3/28, 3/29 and 3/30: NYS ELA Exam

    · 5/2, 5/3 and 5/4: NYS Math Exam