• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    April 27, 2017



    Members of School Leadership Team approved minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting held on March 23, 2017


    Team Members in Attendance

    Nancy Tomasuolo, Principal                                   Michele Bennett, Assistant Principal

    Maria Leibowitz, Assistant Principal                       Trisha Arnold, UFT

    Teri Faicco, Parent                                                Dominique D’Onofrio

    Daniela Camilleri, Parent                                      Lillian Shek, Parent     

    Michele Ngai, Parent                                             Victoria Carrique


    Distribution of Updated SLT BYLAWS, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Revised bylaws were distributed to the School Leadership Team

    CEP Update, Maria Leibowitz

    ·         4/28/2017 CEP 2017-18 iplan portal available online for revisions

    ·         June 30, 2017 deadline for any new and revised goals

    MOSL Administration, Michele Bennett

    ·         Teachers College Running Records will be utilized in all grades


    Library Dedication, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Date TBD

    ·         SLT members unanimously voted on dedication plaque and sign for the library in Joseph Parrelli’s name

    Reorganization 2017-2018, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Gifted and Talented Program will not be available for incoming      Kindergarten students

    ·         Bilingual class will be available for incoming Kindergarten students

    ·         AIS will remain the same

    ·         Perhaps adding another guidance counselor



    Family Fun Night, Michele Bennett

    ·         Family Fun Night will be held on 5/17/17

    ·         It will consist of three themes and three blocks of activities


    School Safety Update, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Safety always remains very important at PS 204

    Dates to Remember, Nancy Tomasuolo

    ·         Schedule of upcoming events was distributed to SLT Members