• Minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting

    June 15, 2017



    Members of School Leadership Team approved minutes from School Leadership Team Meeting held on May 18, 2017


    Team Members in Attendance

    Michele Bennett, Assistant Principal                      Dominique D’Onofrio, PTA President

    Maria Leibowitz, Assistant Principal                       Lillian Shek, Parent

    Annmarie Giuffre, Teacher                                    Victoria Carrique, Parent

    Teri Faicco, Parent                                                        

    Daniela Camilleri, Parent                                                           

    Michele Ngai, Parent                                                    


    SLT Election Results, Michele Bennett


    New Members:

    o   Natalia Timofeyev and Alayina Colella – Staff

    o   Amanda Gallo and Sabrina Pei – Parents

    o   Melissa Scarpaci – PTA President

    CEP Goals, 2017-2018, Michele Bennett


    · Goals still being developed

    · The Core Collaborative being introduced to teachers – professional development training designed to meet the needs of the children

    School Supply List Packaging,  Dominique D’Onofrio


    · PTA school supply fundraiser , SLT members unanimously voted to approve fundraiser

    · New agenda books were also voted on by SLT members – BE Respectful cover was chosen

     SLT Annual Evaluation Form, Michele Bennett


    ·  Distributed to SLT members  and submitted


    SLT Annual Renumeration Form, Michele Bennett


    · Distributed to SLT members and  submitted