•  9/2018

    Dear Parents and/or Guardians (and children),

    Welcome to Second Grade! We’re so glad that we’ll be working together this year. Second grade will be a very exciting year for your child! Your child will grow so much as readers, writers, mathematicians and all around students during our time together.

    Your child is fully equipped with the foundational skills needed for second grade from their first grade curriculum. They will be challenged, but will also be prepared for each and every lesson. We’ll start off slowly (for the first few weeks) in order to allow everyone to get their footing, and then we’ll take off. I thank you in advance, for all of the help and support you’ll lend to your child (and us!) this year.

    We’ve listed some basic “first day” items below. We’ll give you more detailed information at conferences. If you have any questions, please feel free to write us a note. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP. 

    Your child’s Homework Folder will be going home and coming back to school daily. Please check it each night, and empty the keep home side each night and return any notices on the To Do/Take to School side. We will be communicating with you through this folder. Their folder is full of information and forms so it is important that it is looked through by you every night.

    WALKERS At dismissal, We will not allow the children to walk away until we have made eye contact with you and called their name. Please do not call your child off the line! This routine will be for the entire year. Dismissal can be chaotic at times, and with so many students, We’ll need it to be orderly. Thanks, in advance, for being patient. If we all stick to the routine it will always be a safe and smooth dismissal.

    *Dismissal will take place at 2:10 in the school yard on the 82nd Street Side*

    Snack Please send in a snack and drink everyday (starting tomorrow) in a brown or Ziploc bag, labeled with your child’s name on it. Please include a napkin! Everything in the bag should be disposable, if possible. This bag should be kept separate from their lunchbox. Please do not send in soda or a glass bottle. (That applies for lunch as well!) Snack should be simple but filling.

    Thank you for all your cooperation and for helping to get this year off to a great start. We’re so happy that we’ll be together and we’re looking forward to a great year with you all!

    Happy First Day of Second Grade. See you tomorrow! J

    Mrs. Alessandro & Ms. Racioppo






    Online eBooks

    Math - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password

    Reading - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password 

    Social Studies - Username: NYCgrade2   Password: NYC

  • Class Schedule


    Monday - Gym (Sneakers)

    Tuesday - Gym (Sneakers)

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - Health

     Friday - Library/Technology