Welcome to Class 2-217!

    JOURNEYS --> We have been reading the non-fiction text Schools Around the World. Students may access the Journeys textbook to re-read this text by logging onto Think Central.
    The website is:
    Their user name is their 9 digit student ID #
    Their password is the word password (simply type password in all lowercase letters)
    If you need their User name/student ID #, please email me.
    Upon your first time logging on, please choose the following from the drop down menus:
    For state, choose New York
    For District, choose New York City Dept of Ed 10007
    Then scroll to select our school
    *Please note, it works best on Google Chrome.*
    Once logged in, click on "things to do" and then click on Reading on the left. You can scroll through to look for the Student Book G2 2014 (which stands for Grade 2) and click on Volume 1. Then you can use the table of contents or flip through pages like a real book.
    Tuesday and Wednesday:
    Students should re-read this text and then tell facts learned. They should also tell the main idea. They may complete this out loud to you or in their red Reading Response notebook.
    Thursday and Friday:
    Students should read the next text "An American School Interview" a 3 page interview and then complete the text to text, text to self, and text to world connections. They may complete them out loud to you or in their red Reading Response notebook.
    Students should read as much as possible, either book baggy books or other books at home on their level.
    They should also be logging onto iReady to practice phonics and reading.
    The iReady log in information was sent home Friday. If your child was absent, please send me an email. Some of the children already memorized their login info.
    The website for iReady is:
    Students should read between 45 and 50 minutes total weekly, so 2 days this week at about 20/25 minutes or 3 days this week at about 15 minutes each session is perfect! They are very familiar with this program so it will pick up where they last left off in school.
    Try your best to complete each lesson listed below. If you need me, email me!
    You can also refer to some of our Math charts in the photos tab on the left. I took pictures of a few things that I thought might be helpful!
    Tuesday 3/17: Lesson 13
    Using mental math, vertical form lining up the numbers and place value disks to subtract
    Wednesday 3/18: Lesson 14
    Similiar to Lesson 13, using place value disks to subtract then checking your work by lining up vertically
    Thursday, 3/19: Lesson 15
    Using chips drawings and then checking your work by lining up vertically
    Friday, 3/20: Lesson 16
    Your choice: mental math or lining up numbers vertically to solve, then drawing chips to check your work
    *If your child has the pink Math classwork book home (I sent it home Friday), he or she may complete the lessons in both the pink classwork and yellow homework books. If not, DO NOT WORRY! 
    For routine purposes, this is what a typical lesson looks like for us:
    -We solve the Application Problem (students know this as the morning pink math book question/page)
    -We discuss the problem: why did you add or subtract? how did you solve? what answer(s) did you get? (we have done this with a partner for a math talk when we use speaker & listener cards)
    -We gather so I can introduce the lesson topic and practice/discuss examples
    -Students independently complete the Problem set pages (typically 2 pages in the pink math book)
    -Students independently complete the Exit Ticket (always 1 page)
    -We go over all the answers to classwork pages
    -We are assigned the 2 Math yellow homework book pages
    ***If you do not have the pink math book, I will be posting the pink math book Application problem below for each day this week so students can still complete the problem for discussion/strategy/problem solving. They can simply complete the following application problem for each day on the blank pages in the yellow math book if you don't have the pink math classwork book***
    Tuesday, Lesson 13 Application Problem (from pink math book)
    "A fruit seller buys a carton of 90 apples. Finding that 18 of them are rotten, he throws them away. He sells 22 of the ones that are left on Monday. Now, how many apples does he have left to sell?"
    **Let's go over it!**
    How many apples does the fruit seller buy? 90.
    If 18 are rotten and he throws them AWAY, are we adding or subtracting? Subtracting.
    If he sells 22 apples, they're going AWAY. Are we adding or subtracting? Subtracting.
    We want to find out how many apples he has left.
    First, we can subtract 90-18 for the 18 rotten apples he threw away. 90-18=72.
    Next, we can take the 72 apples he had and subtract the 22 apples he sold. 72-22=50.
    The fruit seller has 50 apples left to sell.
    What strategies did you use to solve? Tell someone at home.
    Did you use: mental math, arrow way, line up the numbers vertically, picture of tens and ones, picture of chips, picture of disks, something else, or more than one way?
    Wednesday, Lesson 14 Application Problem
    "Brianne has 23 fewer pennies than Alonzo. Alonzo has 45 pennies. (Remember: what does fewer mean? LESS)
    (a) How many pennies does Brianne have?
    (b) How many pennies do Alonzo and Brianne have altogether?"
    **Let's go over it!**
    Brianne has 23 fewer pennies than Alonzo. If she has fewer, what does that mean? She has LESS.
    So if Brianne has less, than that means Alonzo has MORE.
    Alonzo has 45 pennies which is MORE than Brianne has.
    Brianne has 23 fewer, or less, than 45 pennies.
    Do we need to add or subtract? Subtract.
    (a) 45-23=22
    Brianne has 22 pennies.
    (b) What does altogether mean? In all - combine... do we add or subtract? Add.
    We add or combine Alonzo's collection of 45 pennies with Brianne's collection of 22 pennies.
    They have 67 pennies altogether.
    What strategies did you use to solve? Tell someone at home.
    Did you show more than one way?
     Thursday, Lesson 15 Application Problem
    "Cariolina earned 16 more stickers than Peter. She earned 35 stickers. How many stickers did Peter earn?
    MaryJo earned 47 stickers. How many more does Peter need to have the same amount of MaryJo?"
    **Let's go over it!**
    Let's think about the problem before we start solving.
    How many stickers does Cariolina have? She has 35 stickers.
    We also know that she has 16 more than Peter.
    That means Peter has less -- 16 less than Cariolina.
    so Peter has 19 stickers.
    We also know that MaryJo has 47 stickers.
    So now we need to find the difference between MaryJo's total and Peter's total.
    Should we add or subtract?
    We can find the answer either way...
    by counting up (adding) or counting back/taking away (subtracting)
    If you wanted to count UP, you would have solved like this:
    19 + ___ = 47
    47 - 19 = ___
    Either way, you will get the same answer which is 28.
    Peter needs 28 more stickers to have the amount as MaryJo.
    Which way did you solve? Counting up or counting back?
    Did you use mental math, pictures, or lining up the numbers vertical way?
    Friday, Lesson 16 Application Problem
    "Will read 15 more pages than Marcy. Marcy read 38 pages. The book is 82 pages long.
    (a) How many pages did Will read?
    (b) How many more pages does Will need to read to finish the book?"
    **Today is the LAST DAY I will be posting work on this page.**
    **Let's go over it!**
    Will read 15 more pages than Marcy. So we know that Will read more and Marcy read less.
    We also know Marcy alreadt read 38 pages and the book is 82 pages in all.
    (a) How many pages did Will read?
    Well, if Will read 15 more pages than Marcy and she read 38 pages,
    should we add or subtract to solve?
    We should add 15+38 or 38+15 because Will read 15 more pages than the 38 pages Marcy read.
    Will read 53 pages.
    (b) How many more pages does Will need to read finish the book?
    How many pages did he read? 53.
    How many pages are in the book? 82.
    So we need to find the difference between 53 and 82.
    We can solve different ways...
    We can either subtract 82-53
    or count up/on from 53 to 82, like this: 53+ __ = 82
    Either way, you should find that Will needs to read 29 more pages to finish the book.
    Which way did YOU solve?
    **Good job, everyone!**
    **Next week, we will get all our Math and other lessons on Google Classrooms.**
    Students should log onto zearn for up to 30 minutes per session.
    Login info & passwords were sent home earlier this year, but were sent home again Friday. If you need your child's login information, please email me! I have all their information.
    The website is:
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.
    I am here for you! Just let me know if you need me!
    Mrs. Arcuria



    Online eBooks

    Math - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password

    Reading - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password 

    Social Studies - Username: NYCgrade2   Password: NYC

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