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    Welcome to Class 2-215!


    My name is Ms. Cagliostro and we are going to have a wonderful year of learning! This year we will be working hard on the 4 areas of language development: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, our focus will be on integrating these skills with our Math, Science and Social Studies curricula. Class 2-215 is going to have a super year filled with fun, learning and growing!
    Dear Parents/Guardians,
    As you know, schools will be closed until AT LEAST APRIL 20TH. Therefore, we will be working through online resources as bestas we can. Please visit this page for assignments, homework, and any updates about the school.
    This assignment is to be done between today and tomorrow:
    Reading: Reread The Ugly Vegetables. Then look at pp. 230-231. Think about what you can learn about the characters in the story based on what they do and say. Use page 224 to help you and ask yourself--What are the people doing? Do the people know each other? What details show this? Then write your answer to the question "What can you tell about the people in the neighborhood? Exlplain your answer." In your notebook or on paper.
    Math: Do the next lesson pagesin the Succeed book


    Online eBooks

    Math - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password

    Reading - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password 

    Social Studies - Username: NYCgrade2   Password: NYC

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