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    Welcome to Class 3-307!
    My name is Mrs. Majorana and we are going to have a wonderful year of learning!
    This year, my goal is to help your child become an independent learner.  It is going to be a challenging year, but also a very rewarding one.  Together, we will make it a memorable one.  Below is some helpful information you should know about what to expect this year. 
    Homework is assigned every night.  Independent reading of 20 minutes is required at the beginning of the year.  This will gradually build up to 40 minutes.  An Independent Reading Log needs to be filled out by each student and signed by an adult each night each night.  Homework is checked regularly in class. Completion is tracked on a monthly calendar to be kept in the homework folder.  Parents should sign this calendar at the end of each week.  Any missed homework must be completed and brought to school the next day.  
    All tests will be announced approximately one week in advance.
    Math: A TEST follows the end of every chapter.  A review the day before covers everything taught in the chapter.
    Reading:  A TEST follows every lesson (every 5-8 daysf).  It covers the comprehension of the story read in class, vocabulary words, and grammar taught within the lesson.
    Spelling:  A spelling list of 18 words is given at the beginning of each Reading lesson.  Students are expected to be able to spell those words on a written spelling test (approx. every 5-8 days). 
    Science and Social Studies:  We will begin the year with Social Studies in the classroom and then switch over to Science.  However, we will also have Mrs. Linsday (our Science teacher) to cover Science once a week throughout the year.  
    2017 State Testing Dates:
    ELA: APRIL 11th and 12th (2 days only)
    MATH: MAY 1st and 2nd (2 days only)
    How can I help my child at home?
    Building good study habits this year will be key.  Reviewing information taught on a regular basis will be very important.  Help them take notes of important information or making flashcards of special vocabulary words. Ask them to explain how they arrived at an answer.  Encourage independence.  And, READ, READ, READ!

    Online eBooks
    Math - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password
    Reading - District: NYC Dept of Ed, NY 10007  Username: (student's id #)  Password: password 
  • Class Schedule


    Monday - SCIENCE 10:30-11:15
    Tuesday - MUSIC 9:40-10:25
    Wednesday -GYM 8:50-9:35 *Wear SNEAKERS
    Thursday - HEALTH/MOVEMENT 9:40-10:25 *Wear SNEAKERS
    Friday - ART 8:50-9:35