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    Hello all, 

    Fun News: Music class with Ms. Sarullo is now in room 103!  Yup, we have a music room!!!!! Come check it out when you have a chance, I would love to give you a tour.


    Dates and Things to Look Forward To:


    September 20-5th grade chorus auditions


    October 18- 5th grade chorus rehearsals                         begin


    December 2019- Kindergarten Winter                                   Wonderland and Gift Sharing


    January 2020- Winter Concert


    June 2020- Spring Concert

    and Kindergarten Moving Up Day


    TBD- 4th Grade Broadway Performance


    Attn: Chorus

    Speaking parts for Why Can't We Be Friends are below.


    Hello, my name is Carlie Wong from class 5-413.

      Friendship is defined as a state of mutual trust and support between people.  We believe friendship can come in many forms but at the heart of friendship is kindness and harmony.  Even if you are not friends with someone you can treat them with kindness and hopefully make a friend along the way.

    During our conversation with Ms. Sarullo, some of the reasons we came up with for why we can’t be friends were:

    gossip or rumors

    status or wealth


    bad influence

    family’s reputation

    association with other people



    sexual orientation



    language spoken

    fashion choices

    and where you are from





    Angelina Rodriguez

    1. Friendship means helping out so we can achieve our goal together.

    Isabella Lin

    2.  Friendship means a shoulder to cry on when life gets to be a little too much


    Stephanie Gonzalez

    3. Friendship means being kind and helpful to those around us.


    Angeldina Nguyen

    4. A friend is someone who loves you for who you are- all of you- no matter what.


    Kimmy Feng

    5. Friendship is a special bond with someone that you should never break. 


    Jayden Zheng

    6. A friend is someone you can trust and go to when life is hard.


    Matthew Lee

    7.  Friendship is like a sheltering tree.  Someone you can lean on when things get hard.


    Sohaib Mohamed

    8.  See!!!  There really is no reason why we can’t be friends.