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    Learning is ALWAYS Lots of Fun with Pre-K 201 

    Guess Whooooooo's always doing GREAT things?!? 
    WE ARE!
    We will just have to continue doing so - at home!!
    Dear Parents and Guardians of Pre-K 201, 
    I'm so happy we will have this venue and others to communicate with each other during these trying times!  While I fully support our Mayor and Governor in their decision to close schools, I am heartbroken.  I will miss seeing you all everyday.  Please feel free to contact me via email KConlon5@schools.nyc anytime!  I will check emails several times a day.  I will update this page regularly as well.  I hope to have something more interactive and personal set up in the coming week.
    In the meantime, please read to your child everyday - it will create a comforting bond away from the media and worries.  Be aware that our little ones hear, see and understand everything around them.  They may be frightened by what is happening.  If your child is exhibiting signs of stress beyond your comforting, please don't hesitate contacting your pediatrician. They are there to help, too!
    If you need help talking to your child please refer to these resources:
    We are in this together!  
    I am here for you all.  We will weather the storm and hopefully be together again soon! 
    Love You Lots,
    Ms. Conlon :) 


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  • Class Schedule

    Arrival 7:50
    Circle Time 8:15
    Breakfast 8:30  
    AM Meeting 8:50 (Morning mtg/Story 1 Lesson/Think, Share, Do)
    Learning Centers 9:15
    Outdoor Fun 9:45
     Table Toys 10:15
    Prep/Lunch/Rest Time 10:40-12:15
    Quiet Reading 12:15
    PM Meeting and Centers 12:30
    End of Day Meeting  1:25 (Folders, backpacks,snack smart board)
    Line-Up 1:50 


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