• Welcome to Class K-278!
    My name is Mrs. Colon and we are going to have a wonderful year of learning!
    When you enter K-278...
    You are amazing.
    You are important.
    You are an author.
    You are scientists.
    You are explorers.
    You are loved.
    You are readers.
    You are special.
    You are leaders.
    You are respected.
    You are the reason I am here!
    *** I sent you an invitation for you to join remind app. Please accept the invitation so I can communicate with you. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Class Schedule art
    Monday - Art (Ms. DiTuri)
    Tuesday - Gym (Mr. Vasile)
    Wednesday - Pysical Education/Health (Mrs. Fortunato)
    Thursday - Music (Ms Sarullo)
    Friday - Art (Ms. Greco)


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