•  The children have adjusted nicely to kindergarten. So many great things are going on in our class. We are readers, writers and mathematicians.   We are learning to work together, work independently and most important respect each other.
    Also please be aware: We have children with severe PEANUT AND TREE NUT ALLERGIES
    Be very cautious as to the kinds of snack you send in for our class.  I will be distributing a list of suggested snacks.  Please adhere to this list.

    Please be sure your child completes their homework daily and studies their word wall words which are written on their spiral index cards in their ziplock bag.  They also "book shop" once a week and those books are in their ziplock bag as well.  

    Continue to have your child practice writing their name.  
    Please remember  to send in a box of cookies at the beginning of each month.
    Thank you

  • Your child will be coming home with Scholastic Book Club orders twice a month. (SeeSaw and Firefly)  If you would like to order from these book clubs, you can send in cash, check made out to Scholastic Book club or you may order online.  Our class code to order online is FPXZJ.  Please adhere to the due date on the order form.  Thank you 


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    I thank you for sending in supplies.  Just a reminder to send in a box of cookies at the beginning of each month for the children to share during snack with the whole class. 
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