• P.S. 204
    Parent Teacher Association
    8101 15th Avenue
    Brooklyn NY 11228


    Nancy Tomasoulo        Michelle Bennett          Maria Leibowitz            Jessica Michaelides
     Principal                         Asst. Principal                        Asst. Principal                           Asst. Principal


    Dominique D’Onofrio     Maria Forde     Sabrina Pei     Melissa Scarpaci     Amanda Gallo     Ashley Faicco     Kristen Logosso
                  President                        1st V.P.                 2nd V.P.                   Treasurer                 Financial Sec.        Recording Sec.       Corresponding Sec.

    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    We will be having our next P.T.A. meeting on March 22, 2017 at 8:30am in the cafeteria.  Light refreshments will be served.                                                           


    * Principal update
    * Title 1 update
    * Treasurer report
    * Nomination forms going out
    * Forming a nomination committee 
    * Voting on outside improvements to the school
    * Forming a nomination committee NYS ELA/MATH Assessments
    * Upcoming dates


    Thank you,

    The Parent Teacher Association