• Student Behavioral Contract

    (Grades K-5)

       ____________________________________    __________________    _______________    

                                          Name of Student                                                           Date of Birth                                Class             

         I know I have a right to:

    • be in a safe school, free from discrimination, harassment and bigotry;
    • know what is correct behavior and what behaviors may result in disiplinary actions;
    • counseling by staff about my behavior and how it affects my education and welfare in school;
    • due process of law when I violate school regulations for which I may be suspended or removed from class

      I agree to:

    • come to school on time with the assistance of my parents, prepared to work;
    • use courteous and polite language;
    • participation in class/community meetings to acknowledge a person's thoughtfulness, assistance or courtesy;
    • resolve conflicts peacefully and express my feelings in words;
    • dress in a clean, neat and safe manner;
    • take care of my personal belongings and respect other people's belongings;
    • tell my parents what I learned in school each day;
    • complete my homework every day and show it to my parent(s)/guardian(s)
    • follow the rules in the Discipline Code.


    I have discussed this with my parents and I will follow this agreement.


    Student Name:___________________________ Signature: ______________________ Date: __________

    ____________________________________ Parent Section _______________________________


    I have received a copy of the Discipline Code and Bill of Student Rights and Responsibilities and understand the behavior that is required of my child.

    I understand that my participation in my child's education will help him/her be successsful in school.  I have read this agreement and I will carry out the following responsibilitites to the best of my ability.


    • Encourage my child to be a respectful and peaceful member of the school community.
    • Discuss the Discipline Code and the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities with my child.
    • Participate in parent conferences, class programs and other activities in which my child is involved.
    • Assure that my child will arrive at school on time everyday.
    • Provide a quiet place for my child to do his/her homework.
    • Spend at least 15 minutes per day reading with my child.
    • Listen to my child retelling of his/her school day experiences.
    • Provide the school with current telephone numbers and emergency contact information.
    • Alert the school if there are any significant changes in child's health or well-being that affects his/her ability to perform in school.


    Parent/Guardian Name:  __________________________________     Date:  _________________

                                                       (Please Print)

    Parent/Guardian Signature:  ______________________________________________