A Message From Mrs. Tomasuolo


A Message from Mrs. Tomasuolo 


I hope this message finds you well. As you know remote learning will begin on Monday, March 23, 2020. It is expected that students log-in daily and complete the work that is assigned. If you haven't already done so, please respond to the invitation sent by your child's teacher to join his/her class through the Remind app. You should have received a message with your child's username, password, and join code. This is how your child will be able to access their online instruction. Listed below are the NYC Department of Education expectations for remote learning. Please be sure to adhere to these guidelines: 


Expectations for students and families include: 

  • Students should complete instructional activities assigned by teachers everyday. 
  • Students should participate in check-ins, discussions and other communication mechanisms as expected by the teacher. 
  • Students should review teacher feedback and complete any follow-up activities as assigned by the teacher. 
  • Students and families should proactively notify their teacher or a school administrator with any concerns about progress or additional support needed.  
  • Families should support students in being successful by establishing routines and habits that support their success in remote learning. 
  • Families should ensure that students are adhering to their school’s contract for appropriate behavior on web related devices. 


Please Note: 

It is important that students always adhere to appropriate standards of behavior when interacting online.  This includes Google Classroom. This platform is a learning environment and not meant for student to student correspondence unless it is related to the daily assignments. I am aware that the students would like to communicate with their classmates. This is understandable. However, Google Classroom is a platform where we encourage our students to share ideas and ask questions related to their assignments.  Students should conduct themselves with the same respect and politeness that they would in their classroom.  


Thank you and I wish you all the best,  

Mrs. Tomasuolo