September Picture Day 1

camera Picture Day on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

School pictures will be taken on September 25th. Picture envelopes containing information explaining the different packages have been distributed.  Payment envelopes will be collected on the day your child will be photographed.  Please refer to the schedule below to know when your child will be taking his/her pictures. 

Class Act Photographers will accept only money orders or cash as payment for your picture orders.  Please be assured that if you are not fully satisfied with your child's photograph, picture re-take day.


**PLEASE NOTE:  All children will be photographed for the class picture unless otherwise requested in writing.


8:30am           PK-201        K-273       K-371

9:00am           K-278          K-372       K/1-365

9:30am           2-217          2-315        2/3-272

10:00am         5-401          5-415          

10:30am         1-369          4-409

11:00am         3-301          3-420

11:30am         4-403          4-422       5-424      

12:00pm         1-368           1-367

12:30pm         3-305           3-302