Dec./Gift Sharing

gift Gift Sharing on December 20, 2018

Come join us in our annual Gift Sharing assemblies on Thursday, December 20, 2018.  Our boys and girls are asked to bring in a gift that will be donated to a child in need.  There is no obligation for your child to donate a gift.  This is completely voluntary.


Our Kindergarten classes will be performing on stage according to the schedule below.  All parents are welcome to attend the performances at the time in which their child's class is participating. 


8:30am                        9:30am                       1:00pm

Group 1                       Group 2                      Group 3   

K-366                             K-273                       PreK-201 

K-371                             K-276                       

K-372                             K-277                       Entire 2nd Grade

K-365                             K-278

1-370                             1-105                       Entire 5th Grade

1/2-101                          1-367

1-275                             1-368

1-103                             1-369


 Entire 4th Grade         Entire 3rd Grade