Journalism with Mrs. Cosmai

Are you the type of person who loves to tell stories? Or, are you so interested or passionate about something that your friends and family are amazed by your knowledge? Or maybe you’re the kind of person who is curious about so many things that you find yourself asking so many questions just to satisfy your curiosity. Are you the type of person who not only enjoys writing but also the writing process, even the part of the writing process where you have to correct the spelling mistakes and the grammar? If you answered, “YES!!” to one or more of these questions then the Journalism Club may be the right club for you. In this club you will work with the writers of the PS 204 community and our goal will be to publish articles for the school newspaper, The Beehive Beat. Your job as a member of this club will be that of a journalist: you may write articles about something newsworthy, you may write a column about something you’re passionate about and this will be a recurring ( happening again and again) feature of the newspaper that you will be responsible for, or you may be a copy editor which means you will fix the spelling and grammar mistakes of the articles written by other students.