Mission and Instructional Focus


Mission Statement

 Our P.S. 204 family is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports student learning by building positive relationships and fostering high self esteem. We celebrate diversity with respect for all cultures and learning styles. We provide rigorous instruction that challenges and engages all students while encouraging risk-taking, questioning and collaboration. We strive to develop life-long learners who aim to be the best they can be.   



PS 204's Core Instructional Beliefs

As a school community, it is our core belief that students learn best when they engage in meaningful student-centered learning activities that require high-level thinking and problem solving grounded in productive discourse and collaboration with their peers. 

We believe a student-centered approach to learning increases engagement, deepens understanding and prepares students to meet the demands of the Next Generation Learning Standards. 

When all students are placed at the center of their learning and receive the scaffolds, supports and differentiation they need, students deepen their understanding leading them on a path for college and career readiness. 



Schoolwide Instructional Goals for 2022-2023

  • Teachers will facilitate student-centered learning activities (students as lead learners) across subject areas
  • Students will answer high-level questions using protocols that foster equitable participation, collaboration and discourse (all voices heard)
  • Scaffolds and supports to differentiate learning will be evident in module/unit maps and classroom instruction

EL Theory of Action

PS 204 Theory of Action